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Founder & CEO of Her Mind Her Body (open to the community)

Her Mind Her Body Wellness Program(Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program)

Her Mind Her Body Clinical Associates(Outpatient Mental Health Central)

Lachrisia Lorraine, Master of Arts(M.A),License Clinical Professional Counselor(LCPC),
License Professional Counselor(LPC) & Maryland State Approved LCPC Supervisor.

Other Certifications : ISSA-Certified Fitness Trainer, Reiki Level || Practitioner

Personal Statement:

There comes a time in everyone’s life where they encounter feelings of uncertainty. This unease can evoke an emotion that they are not sure if anyone will quite understand, even if they tried candidly sharing those hidden thoughts. In those moments, one might feel isolated and alone, afraid, skeptical, embarrassed, you name it.

Struggles can arise when you are having to face yourself at night, without your support system present, driving you to succumb to your darkest thoughts. Be it about your place in life, self-worth, career, weight or limited time to accomplish goals. There are so many quick fixes in society that teaches us how to cover up and smile through our pain, but at what point do we confront it by appropriately self-soothing, healing and moving forward with wisdom and lessons learned? No one is exempt from these many hurdles of life, not even healthcare professionals. However, what sets Her Mind Her Body’s wellness team apart is that our staff embraces our holistic mantra: Organically introducing me to me, so that I can be the best me she needs me to be. It is my theory that no one alive can escape this earth without feeling hurt, let down, or loss at a point in ones life, but how we recover and develop into a stronger resilient individual will determine the capacity in which we can maximize life’s potential instead of becoming life’s victim. It is our wellness team’s responsibility to be healthy mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically in order to Organically Introduce HER to Herself​.

Creating and developing Her Mind Her Body has allowed me to collaborate with genuine holistic agents of change that help develop and impact HER as a whole entity. I’m certain that if given the opportunity, every young lady and woman would choose to walk in beauty, love and peace, but here at Her Mind Her Body we understand that such qualities have to go beyond the depth of our skin.

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Shanika L. Bradford, BSW, MSW, Licensed Certified Social Worker- Clinical (LCSW-C) & Maryland State Approved LCSW-C Supervisor

Chief Operations Officer, Her Mind Her Body (open to the community)
Co-Founder, HMHB Wellness Program (PRP) & HMHB Clinical Associates (OMHC)

Personal Statement
It is very refreshing to be a part of an organization that fosters and promotes total wellness in both it’s team of professionals and clientele. Being a part of Her Mind Her Body has significantly impacted my personal journey towards health as it relates to all of ME. Her Mind Her Body promotes cohesion in their staff and affords employees the opportunity to share strategies for healthy living through team building activities and wellness forums. These activities are great motivators towards positive change. I am a firm believer that Her Mind Her Body is a leading producer of stellar change agents destined to positively impact the lives of our clients on a major level.

Always remember to “BE Bold, BE Strong, & BE WELL”

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Angela Harper, M.A., LCPC, Maryland State Approved Clinical Supervisor

Other certifications: Dance Instructor, Level 1 Certified Bokwa Instructor

Chief Business Development Officer, Her Mind Her Body & subsidiaries
Clinical Director, Her Mind Her Body Clinical Associates (OMHC)

Personal Statement
Landing in a place where “Her” represents a multi-cultural and a multi generational people, this ground breaking agency is parallel to what I stand for. Working within an agency where women can overcome the stereotype of functioning as one, breaking the barriers of race, age, ethnicity, and feeding off the energy of seasoned and ripe professionals is highly rare, but positively refreshing. Wellness is my lifestyle of choice therefore I indulge in life giving activities and surround myself around positive environments and people that ignite me aesthetically.

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Dr. Valerie Collins, Health Services, Ph.D.

Other certifications: Certified Personal Trainer, Registered Radiologic Technologist (RTR), Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer (RDMS)

Executive Wellness Director, Her Mind Her Body (open to the community)

Personal Statement
It is an honor to collaborate with bright and compassionate women, in an innovative environment, where the centermost activities are to pioneer customer-focused advances in cognitive wellness, and make a dramatic difference in our world.

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Bridget Gray, Master of Social Work (MSW)

Program Director, Her Mind Her Body Wellness Program (PRP)

Personal Statement
It is a privilege and a rewarding experience to be amongst strong like-minded women, who are all able to contribute to the overall holistic balance of the population we serve. Here at Her Mind Her Body, I truly embrace divine sisterhood.

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Phyllis J. Heffner, MD Board Certified in General Psychiatry and Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Medical Director, Her Mind Her Body Clinical Associates (OMHC)

Personal Statement
I am a holistic, integrative psychiatrist. My focus is to understand what factors contribute to each person’s mental health challenges – whether they be because of daily stresses, medical conditions, genetic factors, traumas, psychological, or lifestyle factors. Although I can and do prescribe medication if indicated, medicine is not my main treatment modality. I look at health issues and work to correct them, nutritional deficiencies, toxins, exercise, sleep, and other factors as priorities. I like to bring each person and their therapist into the treatment decision making and work together to improve mental wellness for each person.

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David Harper, Registered Massage Practitioner (RMP)

Wellness Director, Her Mind Her Body (open to the community)

Personal Statement
It is a pleasure to be a part of Her Mind Her Body, an organization that focuses on holistic health and embodies the culture of natural healing through many different avenues. My desire as a Massage Practitioner is to help people reduce stress, lower anxiety, boost their immune system and relieve muscle tension/pain. Knowing what this feels like personally, I intend to transcend this same experience to each one that embarks upon this alternative experience.
Specializing in: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Reflexology, Cranial Sacral, Sports, Hot Stone, Aromatherapy, and Chair Massage.

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Jaye C. Gibson

Executive Officer Assistant, Her Mind Her Body & subsidiaries

Personal Statement
The passion and knowledge we embody as strong women helped mold the solid foundation that we have built here at Her Mind Her Body. We are driven to improve and enhance ‘her’ life by using a holistic and spiritual approach. We believe in the mission and trust in the vision.