organically introducing Her to Herself

Did you know that the weight loss process can cause inner conflict, resulting in repetitive beliefs that results in frustration and depression? You may find yourself contradicting your long workouts by grabbing “junk food” right after you spent 1 hour at the gym. Then after eating that cake, you might spiral into a cycle of feeling emotionally abusive towards your ‘own-self’. We offer two methods of helping you gain awareness and accountability to what you put into your body. You have the option to enroll in our individual nutritional coaching plan and/or congregate with a community of women who may experience the same challenges with food that you may have. Our nutritional weight loss or weight gain plan is written by our Licensed Dietician. You can connect with other ladies through Her Voice, our online community blog for her. Ladies at Her Mind Her Body, we are in this together! If you choose to have a more individual detailed approach with our nutritional consultants expect them to:

  • Aid in weight loss or weight gain through a clinical model
  • Teach you how to eat healthy and realistically
  • Help you understand portion control
  • Educate you on benefits obtained from proteins, vegetables, and fruits
  • Give you alternative ways to season while limiting salt and sugar intake
  • Inform you of the risks involved with over eating
  • Help you understand lean meats from fatty ones​
  • Motivate you and hold you accountable for what you put in your body
  • Coach you on developing a lifetime of healthy eating habits
  • Provide supplement recommendations and guidance


Our services address emotional eating, over eating, obesity, and body image issues while increasing self-awareness and self-respect. Our nutritional plans, group fitness, and therapeutic services all encompass a natural model to help ‘organically introduce her to herself.

What We Offer


“Today I attract a deeper love and appreciation for myself”

-Tony T. Robinson

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