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Using a holistic approach to mental health means understanding the word beautiful and learning to identify and intensify internal and external beauty—which our Holistic Life Skills Specialists emphasize within our Wellness Program.

When we women do not feel attractive, beautiful, or self-connected, what goes first? Yes, our self-esteem. We obsess over the smallest things about ourselves, from our looks to the elasticity of our bodies and faces. We over-examine ourselves and become convinced others notice these same traits that we hate.

Insecurities can make us cancel dates with friends or lovers because we feel we don’t look right in an outfit, or we can’t get our makeup to blend, or our hair is just not behaving as we desire it to. Other beauty challenges create long-term self-esteem issues, social anxiety, and problems with intimacy (this is a big one). It is hard to become aroused when we don’t feel beautiful; even when our partners are coming on to us, we may be focused on insecurities instead.

Within our Wellness Program, HMHB provides a wide variety of ideas and practices to connect you with yourself in your purest form. We redefine beauty and get your mind focused on accepting and developing who you are.

Additionally, our exclusive online forum for clients enrolled in our holistic mental health programs, encourages women in the softest and most creative ways. It’s time we break down the word beauty together. There is nothing wrong with putting on your face, clothes, hair, and image…but we challenge you to be comfortable with or without it. After all, it’s not the external that drives the beauty, but the woman behind the wheel.

We believe women should take pride in themselves for self-preservation and simply to embrace their being. You only get one life in the body you were born with, so make it count! Trust us when we say that if you look good, you will feel even better; we are here to help those feelings filter beyond skin deep.

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“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself”

– Coco Chanel

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