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Her Mind Her Body has an exclusive All-Natural and Organic Skincare and Body Butter line coming Fall 2018!

At Her Mind Her Body we believe taking care of yourself also includes enhancing your beauty to elevate confidence and self-esteem.  Many women have heard the phrases “let themselves go” after becoming a mom or “settling down in a relationship”. We believe that women should take pride in themselves for self-preservation and to simply embrace her being.   You only get one life in the body you were born with, so make it all count! Trust us when we say if you look good you will feel even better; we are just here to help those feelings infiltrate beyond skin deep!

So what are the benefits of creating healthy skin care and beauty regimens?

Have you ever heard the saying, “Beauty is skin deep?” Well guess what, it’s true! Beauty doesn’t just resonate from the surface, but much deeper beyond the layer of your beautiful face.  Are you ready to embark on your journey to flawless, healthy, and glowing skin?!  I just know you said yes!  Let the journey begin here at Her Mind Her Body!

There are major benefits of creating a healthy skincare routine to accentuate your natural qualities.  Remember these key terms: cleanse, hydrate, and protect.  It is important to cleanse your skin daily to rid all of the grime, sweat, and stress (yes…stress as well) from your day.  Hydrating your skin is major!  Moisturizer (hydrator) is a prime factor in any proper skincare regimen, no matter the type of skin that you may have (oily, dry, or a combination of both).  Proper hydration of your skin should also be performed daily.  The last key term on your voyage to healthier skin and immaculate beauty is protect. You must be the guard of your body and shield your skin!  Blotchiness, discoloration, and sun damage can happen to your skin during any season.  Therefore, be sure to use sunscreen lotion with at least an SPF of 30, as well as other protectants that coordinate with your skin type.

Our skin is Powerful and Commanding.  It communicates our feelings, our attempts at purification, our food intake, and our inner world.  Allow your skincare to shine just as bright as your beauty! Our skincare line will be available exclusively for sale Fall 2018 for clients in our Mental Health and Wellness Program.

We provide beauty consulting in our Wellness Program and within small gatherings on-site. Whether using our Exclusive Skin Care Line or Local Department Stores, our Consultants will assist with:

  • Demonstrating inexpensive ways to give yourself a home facial
  • ​Sharing skin care products that are dermatologist recommended for oily, dry or normal skin​
  • Daily hair care tips and creative styles that you can try on your own
  • Basic make-up tips: eye shadows that go well with certain complexions or apparel colors, lip glosses or lip sticks to wear during business hours vs. to an evening out with your girlfriends or significant other

What We Offer


“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself”

– Coco Chanel

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