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Enroll in our community fitness classes for only $6 and get ready to grow in confidence. Walk out prancing with a glow and ready to put on your stilettos.

We want to strengthen your harmony with your body. As a means of improving self-esteem and body image and reducing stress, you will have access to group exercise at our on-site fitness studio, which is open to the public. Exclusive classes are also held separately, once a month, for women and girls who are connected with a Holistic Life Skills Coach in our Wellness Program.

Hey, don’t go just yet! Use Her Voice, HMHB’s exclusive social media outlet for her, to:

• Share your workout goals, journey, and results to keep yourself on track.
• Journey with other women who are charting their fitness course and progress.

Visit Her Voice for more details!

Our certified group instructors offer:

• Group fitness training
• Yoga
• Afro dance
• Hip hop dance
• Zumba
• Strength training
• Conditioning

All HMHB classes require registration and must be prepaid. There are no refunds. Please plan ahead for daycare, as there is no public childcare available. If you have paid for a class, you may reschedule within one week of the date of the original class. Our receptionist will gladly assist you with registering online.

If you have been invited to a fitness class by one of our fitness consultants and the days and times are not listed on the app, please contact them directly. Classes and prices will be separate.

For further information or to schedule an appointment call: 410-298-HMHB (4642)

What We Offer


“No matter how you feel, get up, dress up, show up, and never give up”


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