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organically introducing Her to Herself

January 2019- Enroll in our fitness classes and be ready to grow further confidence from your soul on out, leaving you prancing with a glow! We have so many areas of services to help add definition to your mind, body, and character.

Aside from helping you connect with your inner soul and balancing your mind and emotions, our objective is to strengthen your harmony with your body. As a means to improve self-esteem, body image, and reduce stress, in an effort to live and enjoy your life longer, you will have access to group exercise at our on-site fitness studio.

At Her Mind Her Body we value the linking of mind, body, and soul to help some circumvent and others manage chronic health issues.  Many people live with struggles such as diabetes, high blood pressure, mental and physical challenges. Aside from our specialty as Mental Health Expertswe embrace and understand all benefits in being physically active.  Exercise is required to improve the quality of ones life and help your body maximize all of its functions day-to-day. Don’t forget, it helps you feel and look your best if you are consistent and have the right support around you!  So let’s stop talking about it and be about it, come connect and build a solid life with a solid team of Ladies!  Our goal is to organically introduce you to yourself…. JOIN NOW!

Our certified group instructors oversee the following activities:

  • Group Fitness Training
  • Yoga
  • Afro Dance
  • Hip Hop Dance
  • Zumba
  • Strength Training
  • Conditioning

Winter Schedule Coming SOON!

All classes must be prepaid and require a registration. There are no walk-ins permitted, as well as no refunds available. If you have paid for a class, you have the option to reschedule within a 1-week period from the date of the original class. If assistance is needed, our receptionist will gladly assist you with the steps to register online. There is also no public childcare available. It is recommended that you plan ahead for daycare.

For further information and / or schedule an appointment call: 410.298.HMHB (4642)

What We Offer


“No matter how you feel, get up, dress up, show up, and never give up”


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