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Yes, we have a public online lounge for those who identify as women to gather and journal, post, upload, or capture their intimate thoughts, give or receive encouragement from other women, and enjoy an array of creative topics in the healthiest form of consistent internal and external exchange. You can create posts based on your personal reflections or provide emotional support to another. Either way, Her Voice Lounge was created to give you a central outlet to be creative.

While we welcome and encourage all to participate in Her Mind Her Body’s forum, what you share and/or post is open to the public. Participation is at your own risk. We encourage confidentiality within the forum, but we cannot guarantee that all participants will adhere to this. However, Her Mind Her Body will never disclose any sensitive or confidential information regarding its patrons within the forum and remains compliant with all HIPAA policies and COMAR regulations.

Her Voice Lounge is not exclusive to clients receiving mental health services; it is available to every woman, and we pride ourselves on being stigma-free. You will be required to create an avatar as an additional step to help create privacy during your lounging! Focus on being creative and non-judgmental to ensure the best experience for all. Her Mind Her Body does not tolerate any vulgarity, cyberbullying, or libel whatsoever; the forum will be monitored and any posting violating this policy will be immediately removed. Her Mind Her Body does not take responsibility for the postings or wording used by the public.

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