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We extend a warm welcome to you! Her Mind Her Body is the first licensed and accredited holistic mental health agency offering a variety of cutting-edge services to women, girls, and families. We have been granted accreditation for our Outpatient Mental Health Center (OMHC) and Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP). Our headquarters is in Windsor Mill, Maryland.

Our Licensed Mental Health Therapists practice from an integrative approach tailored to your individual needs, using modalities such as existential, cognitive-behavioral, solution-focused, psychoanalytic, and client-centered therapy.

Therapeutic services offered:

Individual:Assists with: Self-exploration | Life adjustments, e.g. motherhood (including postpartum depression), loss of partner (break-up or death), and difficulty balancing roles | Eating disorders | Challenges with weight | Career changes | Depression | Unresolved childhood issues | Healing from sexual, physical, or emotional abuse and trauma | Abandonment | Neglect | Relationship problems | Grief | Anxiety | PTSD | Internal and/or external anger | Stress

Marriage and Couples: Assists with barriers, including damaged trust due to broken promises; lack of follow-through; cheating; and mental, physical, or spiritual abuse | Improves nonverbal communication (eliminating silent treatment, eye-rolling, walking away in the middle of your partner speaking, slamming doors, etc.) and verbal communication (decreasing yelling, unhealthy exchanges of words, or verbal threats) | Decreases involvement of friends and family in your relationship by teaching you how to resolve your challenges as a couple | Helps you work through intimacy issues | Enables recognition of anxiety, PTSD, grief, and internal and/or external anger in yourself or your partner | Identifies manipulation within relationships | Assists in understanding healthy vs. unhealthy relationships | Encourages exploration to take your relationship and lifestyle to the next level through career coaching

Family:​ Helps you to: Work through parenting challenges | Develop a deeper bond with your child(ren) | Recognize signs that your child has been mentally, physically, or sexually abused | Work with your child(ren) through grief, divorce, separation, or break-up | Help your child(ren) adjust through change, including new schools or homes, new baby, etc. | Recognize if your child is experiencing bullying and/or threats at school, near the residence, or via social media, and help your child through this process

Join our Therapeutic Meet and Greet Groups: Topics include Holistic Living to Decrease Depression |​ Healthy Relationships and Understanding Genuine Love | Avoiding Emotionally, Spiritually, and Physically Draining Relationships |​ Enhancing Esteem | Overcoming Mood Swings | Holistically Balancing Life through Adjustment.

Therapeutic Services are offered in our offices or in your school or home (mile radius restriction).

What We Offer


“Learning is a gift. Even when pain is your teacher”

-Maya Watson

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