organically introducing Her to Herself

Many people suffer from health ailments because they have not mastered how to incorporate healthy eating consistently. The best way to control weight is to rid the diet of fast food and meals high in sodium, starch, processed sugar, and fat.

Use Her Voice Virtual Lounge to challenge yourself and support other women by posting your goals, progress, and more. Share your fitness journey and what motivates you to stay on track. Explore the many approaches to incorporating nutrition into daily life, from preparing fresh meals at home, to engaging with meal prepping, to becoming aware of what you’re feeding your body while you’re out fine-dining.

In Her Voice Virtual Lounge you can:

• Show off your skills chopping up fresh vegetables and sautéing food on your stovetop.
• Make your plate colorful and post pics a few times a week.
• List your favorite ingredients or recipes for other women to experiment with in their own kitchens.
• Participate in contests and challenge yourself to engage with a health-focused community where women connect with class.

Your Holistic Life Skills Coach will challenge you to:

• Be mindful of portion control and calorie maintenance.
• Make personal menus to plan your meals each week.
• Add more greens, fruit, and water to your diet instead of unhealthy fast food.
• Balance daily food intake with work, home, and personal life.

Take your health a step further and post your pre- or post-workout meals and a summary of what made you choose that particular selection. List your current goals and develop new ones. Track your progress, sharing how incorporating certain foods or drinks has helped you lose or maintain weight.

Throughout the opening and closing chapters within each woman’s story at HMHB, our Holistic Team will gradually “organically introduce her to herself.”

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“Today I attract a deeper love and appreciation for myself”

-Tony T. Robinson

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