organically introducing Her to Herself

We at Her Mind Her Body have many approaches to incorporating nutrition in your daily life, from fresh meals delivered to our facility to an active nutrition forum with contests, challenges, and daily motivations.

Cooking can be a joyful experience if we take the time to respect and connect with the process. But at Her Mind Her Body, our favorite word is balance—because too much of anything is not good for us. While we encourage our clients and staff to prep and cook hearty, healthy meals regularly, it’s not realistic to expect ourselves to cook every single day.

Her Mind Her Body has taken steps to simplify eating: We encourage you to try Diet-to-Go—chef-cooked, healthy meals delivered fresh to our facility multiple times a week. This affordable resource provides breaks in between your regular meal prep—with dozens of meals to select from each week. You can order online by clicking here and pick up your meals at our facility. Can you believe that? You can personalize your meals too, and decide if you’d like breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner made fresh for you each week.

Many people suffer from health ailments because they have not mastered how to incorporate healthy eating consistently. The biggest trick to controlling weight is to rid the diet of fast food and meals high in sodium, starch, processed sugar, and fat. Diet-to-Go makes this simple: You can select plans that may help you lose or maintain weight, especially if you couple your nutritional regimen with participation in our nutrition forum and the fitness classes offered at our on-site studio. There is no minimum—order a full week’s worth of food or a few meals.

Perks of periodically having meals made for you:

  • Helps with portion control and calorie maintenance—the calories are already counted for you and visible on the package.
  • Makes personalizing your menu easy—plan your meals each week and substitute what you do not want.
  • Provides more variety than unhealthy fast foods, and it’s affordable too. No meal prepping or cooking required!
  • Allows you to balance work, home, and personal life.

Menu options:

  • Balance Menu (nutritionally balanced)
  • Balanced Diabetes Menu (controls blood sugar)
  • Keto Carb30 Menu (carb-restricted plan)
  • Vegetarian Menu (meat-free and hearty)

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Note: We don’t expect clients to use Diet-to-Go as a sole means of managing healthy eating. In fact, we encourage you to build stronger bonds with your family and friends and sit down for a home-cooked breakfast and dinner a few times a week. Whether you have a family or are single or live alone, you can enjoy cooking in your kitchen and selecting the marinades and seasonings, ultimately knowing precisely what is in your food and how it was prepared. As a cook, you can learn to love the sensations of prepping and eating, enjoy every bite, and feel proud that you made it.

While visiting us to obtain your nourishment, don’t stop with feeding your body. Deepen your connection with our HMHB Professional Holistic Team by sculpting and developing your inner and outer self! Inquire about our range of services to get the full Her Mind Her Body experience.

If you are enrolled in our holistic mental health programs, we challenge you to share your fitness experience and participate in our online forum under the subtopics Her Nourishment and Her Body, where you can post personal workout goals  to help keep yourself on track your weight management and health. More importantly, you can journey with other women who are charting their fitness course and progress. Are you concerned about what others might think of you? Don’t be; everyone will have an avatar and username.

But let’s not forget about you chopping up fresh vegetables and sautéing food on your stovetop! Be sure to make your plate colorful and take plenty of photos of it. Post your pics a few times a week on Her Voice Virtual Lounge, under the subtopic Her Nourishment. List your favorite ingredients or recipes for other women to experiment with in their own kitchens. Participate in contests and challenge yourself to engage in a health-focused community where women connect with class.


We don’t want to make eating a chore, so our forum encourages many ideas for deciding what to feed yourself and your loved ones. We just have one stipulation: try to post a variety of healthy meals, although all meals are welcome. We want to spread the love of eating for longevity, even though balance is key. We know many of you cook amazing pies and Southern food that make your mouth water at the thought of it, but our focus is ensuring we are not teaching women how to clog their arteries or develop high blood pressure or diabetes.

To take it a step further, post your pre- or post-workout meals and a summary of what made you choose to snack or eat that particular selection. List your current goals and develop new ones. Track your progress, sharing how incorporating certain foods or drinks has helped you lose or maintain weight!

Throughout every woman’s opening and closing chapter within her story at HMHB, our Holistic Team will gradually “organically introduce Her to Herself.”

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“Today I attract a deeper love and appreciation for myself”

-Tony T. Robinson

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