Having a baby a little older has its physical challenges on your body, everyone I knew who had a baby this year who was over the age of 35 had gestational diabetes or preeclampsia.  In my case, I developed preeclampsia and had to have a c-section.  

My son is 4 months old! I am used to running and moving swiftly day to-day. In my mind, I just knew that six weeks after giving birth I would just start running again! I was in for a rude awakening shall I say!  

I realized I needed to give my body time to heal and now that time has elapsed my mind is ready to run again. 

Realistically, instead of just running nonstop, I will do interval training, and walking than jogging, then I will work my way up to jogging and then running. Before you know it, I will be running and sprinting again in no time! I can’t wait…