Sharing experiences are meant to be expressive while having moments of being reflective.

Memories of being single bring a smile to my face.  I’d like to say I used my time being single in an orderly or meaningful way. My focus was on my life’s assignment which is what The Most High spoke to me about and guided my steps on what I was sent here to do. Dating was fun at times, but I really enjoyed winding down from my full days with the most sweetest candle, in-home facial, and a warm bath.

When going on dates, I could always discern how far it will last. I rarely painted any pictures that were not present in reality, I felt jumping to the next level in my head without being on the same page as my date would make situations sketchy and even short term.

I always thought it was important to see my date for who he really is, the good and the concerning, vs making excuses for things that I knew would not be a good fit for my life.

Having patience that surely my time will come for love paid off. I believe this to be true for many.