I have been reading a book series based on Ancient Egypt, written by Wilbur Smith. The accounts in the books are fascinating for those who enjoying delving deep into adventure and history. 

One of the books shares an account of how the wheel was invented and the thought process that led to the improvements of the original design.

This got me thinking how we can apply this to so much of our lives, our thoughts, our self-concept and us, as humans. Some of this also came through as an intuitive message which we all needed to hear. 

Often, we get so caught up in moving onto the next big idea, the next big thing or improving on what’s in front of us, that we don’t take cognizance of the basics before us. We don’t have gratitude for structures that started off as the idea. 

Let’s take the wheel. It was a basic round shape that was improved by the addition of spokes and a pin. The improvements were necessary for the wheel to run smoother, traverse a greater distance and perform better. In theory, the basic idea of the wheel was perfect. Until someone saw the flaws in the design, that lead to it being improved. 

The design was improved, the desired effect achieved. However, no one celebrated the flaws that produced this excellent piece of engineering.

Likewise, the wheel can be likened to the human body and/or persona. We are always so focused on improving, growing, achieving, reaching the next goal…we don’t stop to celebrate the flaws and celebrate where we are. 

We constantly want to get where we are going faster, heal faster, move faster, make money faster…we don’t stop to recognise that at the basic cellular level we are perfect the way we are. 

At a cellular level, our body, our mind, our soul is amazing. It is work of art and it is put together in an unfathomable way. We cannot conceive this in totality. It is hard for us to accept and acknowledge our own light, and the beauty that we are. 

Then we’re bombarded with various stimuli to think we are built wrong, think wrong, do wrong, move slowly, aren’t achieving…and we start to change things to improve on what we perceive to be the flaws.

What if we celebrated the flaws instead? What if we looked at ourselves and saw the “flaws”, and decided to just love them instead while we worked on changing them at our own pace?

Think of how revolutionary it would be, if on a basic, cellular level, all you did was love and appreciate yourself and your unique design. If you took a day to look back and see how far you have come. If you look back at the you that started and acknowledged that just as you are, just as you were, just as you started…before you began tinkering…you were enough. 

Think about the fundamental building blocks that make you who you are. The energy, the light, the vibe you bring. Even without tinkering, it’s fantastic because it’s YOU. When you start getting the urge to tinker – look at the thing you call a flaw and remember to love it first. Give it it’s place in the sun. Think of what it’s showing you with gratitude. 

Be the wheel not just the spokes and the pin.