Hello, Beautiful!

Our embodiment here at Her Mind Her Body is to "organically introduce her... to Herself". We have a holistic way of doing this! We delve deep within many layers of you through our mental wellness approach. Doing this requires that we massage you mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. We take our time to help you discover balance in your life and help you find additional ways to live in inner peace and clarity. We support you to deepen your self-respect and help you significantly understand your power as a woman and the benefits of practicing spiritual solitude.

Our intent is to strengthen your mind in hopes that you make wiser decisions, understand your power, and develop wisdom and patience.

Our hope is to help you develop an intimate relationship with yourself by helping you become more intentional with your food choice, body image, beauty, and overall wellness.

We include your family by helping you bridge barriers with your significant other, child(ren), and loved ones, learning to communicate more healthily and lovingly. The outcome is to help you calm your mind and balance your emotions through individual, marriage, couple, family, or group counseling.

Without further ado, come and experience holistic practices with licensed, certified, or qualified professionals. Then, become even more inspired by connecting with one of our Holistic Life Coaches. Finally, enjoy Vibrations of Her virtual lounge as a creative journaling outlet exclusively for her.

We explore your natural highs and diminish your lows by helping you move beyond the past and link everything you long for with your reality.  So, allow us the chance to be with you through the obstacles and celebrations!

“Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back”

– Anonymous

Holistic Mental Health

We extend a warm welcome to you!

Her Mind Her Body (HMHB) is one of the first licensed and accredited holistic mental health agencies offering a variety of cutting-edge services to women, girls, and families. In addition, we are a licensed and accredited Outpatient Mental Wellness Center and Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP). HMHB's headquarters is in Owings Mill, Maryland. Our mission and goals are to service thousands of women across the United States and beyond using a gentle holistic approach. We understand the importance of handling our women and families with care. Our social media forum, Vibrations of Her, is merely one method of reaching and impacting so many lovely ladies, and our Holistic Life Coaches are another.

Our Licensed Mental Health Therapists at Her Mind Her Body practice from an integrative approach tailored to your individual needs. We use existential, cognitive-behavioral, solution-focused, psychoanalytic, and client-centered therapy modalities to best move our ladies and their families in a prosperous direction.

Therapeutic services offered:

Individual Therapy: We assist with Self-exploration | Life adjustments, e.g., motherhood (including postpartum depression), loss of a partner (break-up or death), and difficulty balancing roles | eating disorders | Challenges with weight | Career changes | Depression | Unresolved childhood issues | Healing from sexual, physical, or emotional abuse and trauma | Abandonment | Neglect | Relationship problems | Grief | Anxiety | PTSD | Internal and/or external anger | Stress

Marriage and Couples Therapy: We help with barriers, including damaged trust due to broken promises; lack of follow-through; cheating; and mental, physical, or spiritual abuse | Improve nonverbal communication (eliminating silent treatment, eye-rolling, walking away in the middle of your partner speaking, slamming doors, etc.) and verbal communication (decreasing yelling, unhealthy exchanges of words, or verbal threats) | Decreases involvement of friends and family in your relationship by teaching you how to resolve your challenges as a couple | Helps you work through intimacy issues | Enables recognition of anxiety, PTSD, grief, and internal and/or external anger in yourself or your partner | Identifies manipulation within relationships | Assists in understanding healthy vs. unhealthy relationships | Encourages exploration to take your relationship and lifestyle to the next level through career coaching

Family Therapy:​ We improve your abilities to work through parenting challenges | Develop a deeper bond with your child(ren) | Recognize signs that your child has been mentally, physically, or sexually abused | Work with your child(ren) through grief, divorce, separation, or break-up | Help your child(ren) adjust through change, including new schools or homes, new baby, etc. | Recognize if your child is experiencing bullying and/or threats at school, near the residence, or via social media, and help your child through this process

Her Voice Group Therapy:  Explores holistic Living to decrease depression |​ Healthy relationships and recognizing genuine love | Avoiding emotionally, spiritually, and physically draining relationships |​ Enhancing self (worth, respect, esteem, and understanding) | Overcoming mood swings | Holistically balancing life adjustments.

Therapeutic Services are offered virtually in our offices, schools, or home (mile radius restriction).

“Learning is a gift. Even when pain is your teacher”

-Maya Watson


Your inner strength defines you!

It is of the essence to have a grounded spirit of exercising your mind and body habitually. We make it seamless to create a fun routine that is good for your soul to incorporate a health and fitness routine that can be done creatively by joining and exploring Vibrations of Her virtual lounge virtual lounge. Any woman can participate from anywhere! So can you say, sweet...

Our lounge is our gift to you to help you explore and create a vibe, even tuning in to another woman's temp through viewing her posts and sending well wishes or supportive comments. If you are worried about privacy, don't, we have you covered. Every woman has a fierce and fearless side to her whose creativity is ready to be whipped out! Embrace that side of you by posting through your 'alter-ego username'; yes, forget about your formal side and just be...

• Share your workout goals, journey, and results to keep yourself on track.
• Journey with other women who are charting their fitness course and progress.
• Explore the many topics on Vibrations of Her virtual lounge as an intimate journal anonymously.

“No matter how you feel, get up, dress up, show up, and never give up”



Food for Thought!

Many people suffer from health ailments because they have not mastered incorporating healthy eating consistently and may not truly understand the ingredients in foods, many of which we cannot pronounce!

So, what are we saying? The best way to control a healthy weight is to rid the diet of fast food and meals high in sodium, starch, processed sugar, and fat.

Being mindful of food consumption can be tedious, frustrating, and unfulfilling. But, of course, we are not saying that you can never eat cake, drink coffee, or indulge in Mamma's famous macaroni and cheese!

But what we are saying is that you should use Vibrations of Her virtual lounge to challenge yourself and support other women by posting your goals, progress, and so much more. Share your fitness and nutrition journey. These are ways to motivate you to stay on track. Be honest about what discouraged you and what you will do differently to make strides in a good direction!

Post and explore the many approaches to incorporating nutrition into daily life, from preparing fresh meals at home, cooking more often, and becoming aware of what you're feeding your body while fine dining.

In Vibrations of Her virtual lounge, you can:

• Show off your skills by chopping up fresh vegetables and sautéing food on your stovetop.
• Make your plate colorful and post pics a few times a week.
• List your favorite ingredients or recipes for other women to experiment with within their own kitchens.
• Participate in contests and challenge yourself to engage with a health-focused community where women enjoy one another and connect.
Your Holistic Life Coach will challenge you to:

• Be mindful of portion control and calorie intake.
• Make personal menus to plan your meals each week.
• Add more greens, fruit, and water to your diet instead of unhealthy fast food.
• Balance daily food intake with work, home, and personal life.

“Today I attract a deeper love and appreciation for myself”

-Tony T. Robinson


Do you feel beautiful?

Using a holistic approach to mental health means understanding the word beautiful and learning to identify and intensify internal and external beauty—which our Holistic Life Coaches emphasize throughout our Wellness Program.

What goes first when we women do not feel attractive, beautiful, or self-connected? Yes, our self-esteem. We obsess over the most minor things about ourselves, from our looks to the elasticity of our bodies and faces. We over-examine ourselves and become convinced that others notice these same traits that we dislike.

Insecurities can make us cancel dates with friends or lovers because we feel we don’t look right in an outfit, can’t get our makeup to blend, or our hair is just not behaving as we desire it to. Other beauty challenges create long-term self-esteem issues, social anxiety, and problems with intimacy (this is a big one). It is hard to become aroused when we don’t feel beautiful; even when our partners come on to us, we may be focused on insecurities instead.

Within our Wellness Program, Her Mind Her Body provides various ideas and practices to connect you with yourself in your purest form. We redefine beauty and get your mind focused on accepting and developing who you are.

Our exclusive online forum, Vibrations of Her virtual lounge, encourages women in the softest and most creative ways. It’s time we break down the word beauty together. There is nothing wrong with putting on your face, clothes, hair, and image…but we challenge you to be comfortable with or without it. After all, it’s not the external that drives the beauty but the woman behind the wheel.

“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself”

– Coco Chanel

Spiritual Balance

Behind the flesh is your soul!

Energy is all around us; it's within us. It's what you feel when someone makes you smile. It's what you may give out if you had a rough day. By learning to control your mind and spirit, you can learn the gifts of the Law of Attraction and begin to practice positive thinking and balanced energy. This way, you will reap the benefits of what you believe you can accomplish in your life.

Women and families who qualify to be linked with our Holistic Life Coaches will have opportunities to spiritually reflect consistently. Though such reflections are optional, deepening your spiritual connection to your higher power can be invaluable. Furthermore, finding beauty and spiritual meanings behind things and situations in your daily life is a part of our Holistic Life Coaching process!

We welcome all ladies to incorporate spiritual balance throughout each day and do some reflections through Vibrations of Her virtual lounge. It's open to the public. So, share your intimate thoughts under your anonymous alter-ego username. Trust us, it's nothing like having tools to self-soothe daily and exploring and deepening your spiritual journey within yourself.

“And one day she discovered that she was fierce, strong, full of fire, and that not even she could hold herself back because her passion burned brighter than her fears”

-Mark Anthony

Holistic Life Coaching

Our Motto is...
"Organically introducing her to herself"

Isn't it tough to remember everything, try to figure it all out, push yourself through challenging times, and work through self-doubt? We know; that's why we have many outlets for you to release all your emotions and muster up the strength to keep going strong.

Your Holistic Life Coach will help you to:

• Link everything you long for in life with your reality.
• Identify what you can do to improve yourself, and then do it!
• Learn what distracts you and apply new techniques to focus.
• Understand growth and the risks that come with it.
• Personalize and identify your style with fashion and beauty.
• Apply holistic life skills to cope with day-to-day challenges.
• Practice walking in internal love, truth, and wisdom through holistic techniques offered exclusively at Her Mind Her Body.

Find out how you qualify for a Holistic Life Coach. Call today for more information about joining Her Mind Her Body's Wellness Program!

“You can’t be brave if you’ve only had wonderful things happen to you”

-Mary Tyler Moore

'Vibrations of Her' Virtual Lounge

Lovely Lady, what is your Vibe?

Show off your colors, creativity, mood, and everything important to you! Vibrations of Her Virtual Lounge was designed with you in mind. It's an exclusive outlet for women to creatively express emotions and the various aspects of their life! Sharing what is essential to you is valuable to us!

We all have feelings or situations that we need to work through. Recognize that it is ok to be human. Take 10 minutes or more a day, heightening your senses or decreasing unwanted feelings and circumstances by participating in Vibrations of Her virtual lounge

Simply release artistically. Each day, explore various topics.

Express yourself through your alter-ego username and take your womanly stressors away. Your username should be creative and edgy, reflecting a more spiced upside of you! Let's face it, we need a safe place to just go for peace. This forum is gifted to all women and open to the public. Furthermore, by sharing your posts, you inspire other ladies.

Imagine, Vibrations of Her virtual lounge as your galaxy filled with space and opportunity. So go float...

We offer 15 holistic topics to immerse yourself in:

"Keep your heels, head and standards high"

- Coco Chanel

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Her Vibrations

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"Organically introducing her to herself." - Lachrisia Lorraine

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